Inter-UK University Trivia Challenge Match, October 11 2018

Brian Beeston, Birmingham, 1963

A most enjoyable evening was had by all, when teams from Bangor, Birmingham, Bristol, Imperial College, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester plus representatives from Nottingham, Sheffield and York, gathered at The Shakespeare Pub in San Diego for the First Inter-UK University Trivia Challenge Match on Thursday, October 11th. Organizer and Quiz Master, Brian Beeston, set some fiendishly difficult and some relatively easy questions to test everyone’s wits. The match was very closely fought and came down to the last question, at which time Bristol was leading with 40 points, Imperial were second with 38 and Manchester third with 31.

On the last question, teams could “bet” up to half the points they had accumulated so far, and collect those points if they were closest to the correct answer (or lose them if they were not). The final question was “What is the distance, as the crow flies, from Cardiff, CA and Cardiff, Wales”. The correct answer is 5,365 miles. Imperial was closest with 5,200 miles, and having “bet” 19 points, ended up with 57 points. Bristol chose not to risk any points, so ended up with 40 points, and Manchester risked 11 points and ended up with 20 points.

Participants agreed that they would like to have a repeat match in the Spring and the Organizer asked for offers of help to run the next Challenge Match. Thanks to all who participated in a most enjoyable evening, especially Anita Beeston for keeping score so excellently and for Tara Beeston for collecting the questions as we went along. And to The Shakespeare Pub for hosting the event.

See you at the next Challenge Match.