A friend indeed: Your Bristol stories

What’s a bit of swine flu between friends? For Friendship Day [30 July] we asked you about the friends you made at Bristol and you didn’t disappoint. From dancing in the street to film marathons and swine flu, here are a handful of the stories of why your time at Bristol became such an important part of your lives.

She gave me swine flu

Alice Webb (BA 2013) and I were both in University Hall in different blocks but we were on the same course. In our first week in 2009, she gave me swine flu and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

She has been my biggest cheerleader, my rock and my best friend for coming up to nine years and my life would not be the same without her. Too many funny stories to go through, but without all these hilarious years, we wouldn’t be where we are now having made it through some of the darkest times. With her and four other friends from languages, we have the best group of girls anyone could ask for.

Harriet Abley (BA 2013)

Half a world away

At Bristol, Kate, Kathy and I got on so well that we were inseparable.

I met my wonderful friend Kate Smith (MPhil 2015) on my first day in Bristol before term even started and met the lovely Kathy McInerney (MA 2015) through her who she bumped into at their student residences. We were all studying for completely different degrees (Accounting, Finance and Management / Medieval Studies / English Literature), but that didn’t seem to matter. We discovered so many fun things around Bristol like the Balloon fiesta, Harbour festival, and some lovely pubs. We spent a lot of time in each other’s kitchens, cooking together and board game nights or at the student union pub quizzes. Having these girls to always talk to has improved my life so much and although we are now separated by half the world between Hamburg, Boston and Houston, we skype as often as we can and this June they both made the long trip to attend my wedding which was the most special gift I could have asked for.

I cannot wait to see them again someday. Friends are the best excuse you can find to travel the world.

Lynn Baumgarten (MSc 2015)

Dancing in the street

Andrew Clarke, (BA 1992): the sweetest, funniest man. We rehearsed our ballroom dancing in the streets around St Paul’s; he made me jelly in Tom and Jerry glasses; his neighbour’s pet snake did something unmentionable on my jeans and the first time we met he asked to borrow makeup (to dress up for Halloween).

I miss him. Davros, if you read this, get in touch! Xxx

Sarah Anthony (BA 1992)

Where’s Dave now?

I would very much wish to get in touch with Dave Thorton. He did Maths and Computer Science in his first year, and when we met in 1968/1969 he ‘heralded’ from Cleckheaton. He and I were in Burwalls hall of residence during our first year at Bristol University. Without his friendship my first year in 1968/1969 at Bristol University could have been very different.

Damian Wozniak (BSc 1971)

Taka Taka cravings and watching every Bollywood Movie on Earth

Shreya Tandon (Meng 2015) and I have been roommates, batch mates and flat mates throughout the four years. This led to endless gossips, midnight Taka Taka cravings, sharing wardrobes (I used to dig into her wardrobe more often than she used to), gala times when cleaning our flat / room, dancing sessions, enjoying retail therapies together, watching every Bollywood Movie on Earth while enjoying meals together, last minute doubt-clearing sessions (she was obviously more studious), planning each other’s birthday surprises, immature arguments and endless moments of fun, laughter and joy. All these moments have been one of the best for me. She has taught me how to be a good and caring friend. Clearly we cannot be separated so we joined the same company after graduation and still live in the same city and in adjacent buildings.

Sanjana Narang (Meng 2015)


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