Cambridge Branch annual dinner, 20 October 2018

Cambridge Branch annual dinner 2018
Alison Wilson (BA 1966)

Trinity College was the spectacular setting for the Cambridge Branch’s Ninth Annual Dinner on 20 October. The late afternoon sun shone on the stone buildings and spacious lawns as we made our way to the Library, an elegant building by the river designed by Christopher Wren. Through the colonnades and up the wide stair and we were in a huge room lined with bays of leather-bound books, each bay surmounted by a marble statue. The Librarian, Dr Nicolas Bell, welcomed us and talked about the history of the Library before showing us some recently-acquired books relating to Chatterton, the boy poet of Bristol.

We were dining in the Old Kitchen, a historic room with a high ceiling funnelling to a window in the centre where no doubt the smoke once escaped. Further signs of its former use were a massive fireplace and an old spit fixed to the wall. The room is now hung with oil paintings and looked very festive with white linen tablecloths, candles and flowers on the tables. We enjoyed excellent cuisine – terrine, venison and poached pear – with plenty of fine wine. After coffee we were addressed by Denis Burn, Chair of the Trustees. His speech, amusing and serious by turns, brought us up to date with the recent changes in governance at Bristol and the consultations about a re-designed Alumni Association. We appreciated his willingness to answer questions and chat to members afterwards.

More than 60 alumni and friends had a good time, and we would particularly like to thank Dr Chris Morley, former Vice Master of Trinity for his help in setting up the event.

2 thoughts on “Cambridge Branch annual dinner, 20 October 2018

  1. Dear Alison

    Thanks for organising such a lovely evening. It was very interesting, informative and friendly. I was only sorry that I had to leave early.

    Best Regards

    Dr Mark Nikitas
    BSc 1987

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