Information on GDPR for Bristol Volunteers

For Bristol Volunteers who run events and activities for the benefit of fellow alumni and the University – please take the time to familiarise yourself with the latest in EU law.

As you’ll know, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect in May 2018 signalling significant changes to the way in which we need to store and manage the personal data that we hold. Because of your association with the University we are keen to check you are taking necessary steps to comply with the regulations.

If you don’t hold alumni data – you don’t need to worry – the University holds its alumni data in compliance and can continue to send messages to your audience on your behalf.

If you are holding data, please confirm to us in writing (by email to that you are acting in compliance.

Put simply –

  • If you do hold data but it is out of date or no longer needed – please delete this data.
  • If you do maintain mailing lists to enable your activity – you need to assure that you comply with the new law. This means:
    • you must be confident that you are using the data for the purposes it was given;
    • you have a privacy policy explaining how you use data;
    • you include a way for people to opt-out of your communications (if you send them);
    • and that the data you hold is safe and secure.

The University has some useful online guidance available. If you need further advice or support please contact so that we can link you up to the Information Governance Department.

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