It’s International Volunteer Day – thank you to our Bristol Volunteers!

We’ve taken a fun look at what makes a Bristol Volunteer.

If you currently volunteer for the Bristol alumni network – by running events, giving careers support to our students or by sharing your advice and expertise – we hope you received your personal thank you by email. If you didn’t hear from us, please get in touch so we can rectify this:

We’re so very proud of our growing Bristol Volunteer community. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch.

Professor Hugh Brady, President and Vice-Chancellor, says: ‘I am very fortunate to often see first-hand the breadth of activity and impact our 1,000-strong network of Bristol Volunteers brings to our community, and I am immensely proud of all of you. A heart-felt thank you for your continued support’.
Image contains facts about Bristol Volunteers. What makes a Bristol Volunteer? 998 Bristol Volunteers, age range between 22 – 93, 133 of you read Chemistry (3rd most), 133 read Economics (2nd most) and 156 read Law (1st). The most common graduation year, which ranges between 1946 – 2018, is 2014. Among you: Dick, Clive, Lilian, Trevor, Janet, John, Del, Mollie, Eric, Charlie, Devan, Felix, Craig, Hannish, Thierry, Pawel, Ross, Jiali, Yuanli, Julia, Georgia, Zhouying, Cynthia, Jasmine, Qin, Antoine, Way Yuh, Robert, Alex, Roy, Alun, James, Derek, Carl, Stephen, Veiverne, Antonio, Rich, Edwin, Andrew, Tim, Alexander, Dio, Mark, Wenmin. You have run 50+ events worldwide. Thank you!

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