Thank you, Bristol Volunteers!

Volunteers Reception, Bill Brown Suite, University of Bristol

Last month our community of Bristol Volunteers joined us for our first evening Bristol Volunteers Reception. The event was an opportunity to celebrate our volunteers and say thank you for their amazing work, as well as share stories of their volunteering experience. Our volunteers give their time and expertise as mentors, advisors, speakers, organisers and much more. The support of our volunteers has a huge impact for our students, the alumni community and the University, and we are incredibly grateful for their contributions. Thank you to all those who attended and everyone who has given their time to support the University this year.

We were delighted to hear from Leslie Stephens (BSc 1975), who volunteers on our US Foundation Board and travelled from New York to join us. John Reeve (BSc 1982), who is a mentor on our Bristol Mentors programme, also attended the evening and shared his experience of taking part and supporting a current student at Bristol. Julia Wathen (BSc 1972), who volunteers on the London Branch Committee, shared her personal involvement with the Bristol community. Julia commented on the strength of the alumni network, thanks to the hard work and commitment of our volunteers, and her sentiments resonated with all in the room.

Below are the winners of our ‘Bristol Volunteers Thank You Draw’. If you’re interested in becoming part of the Bristol Volunteers community, you can find out more about opportunities to get involved here on our webpage. 

Why I am a Bristol Volunteer?

“I have been organising or coordinating an annual reunion of Alumni living in Eastern Canada for about 15 years. I enjoy doing this because it has brought me a wonderful group of friends, who have become close because of our shared beginnings. Having those formative years of our lives in common at Bristol gives us endless conversation topics, and several of the group have been back to Bristol and share their visits with us. We are all very grateful for the start in life that Bristol gave us.”

Heather Proctor BSc 1964, Eastern Canada Network Leader


I thought volunteering was about giving back, spending time and listening and helping…But it’s so much more. I think I learn more than the students. I think I’m back in my learning zone. I’m being tested, questioned, put under pressure. The students I meet conduct a panel interview on me. They come to my office. They ask penetrating questions. They don’t accept waffle and excuses. They’re good. They’re strong. This is not for the faint- hearted. The future is bright. And it’s coming from Bristol.”
Paul Moran, MSc 2012, Professional Mentor


“My time at Bristol was transformational for every part of my life. I made many friends that I’m sure I’ll have for the rest of my life and learnt many new amazing things.I feel part of a community where we can share life’s experiences and ensure that spark and energy is transferred to current students so they can look back and feel proud of their time at Bristol too.”
Andrew Franks, MEng 2010, Manor Hall Association

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