Geography alumni get together to mark their Ruby graduation anniversary

Nick Roberts (BSc 1979)

Nearly 40 Geography alumni got together in Bristol last summer to mark the Ruby anniversary of their graduation in 1979. They travelled from very near (Bristol), very far (e.g. Canada, South Africa and New Zealand) and from many places in between for an afternoon get-together full of memorabilia, memories and 40 years of catching up.

The School of Geographical Sciences very kindly hosted the event, allowing everyone the chance to be photographed in the very lecture theatre that they knew and loved from 1976 to 1979. Many partners attended too, and Tony Payne, David Richards and Ed Thomas from today’s teaching staff very kindly gave up their Saturday afternoon to join in the nostalgia, arrange tours and update everyone on Geography at Bristol today. Various other events are now planned for the Class of ‘79, from a walking weekend this summer to possible further Sapphire and Gold anniversary reunions in 2024 and 2029. For further information please email

Photographs accredited to Duncan Unsworth.

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