Recognising our Bristol Volunteers

Our Bristol Volunteers are a community of over 1,700 alumni who all give their time and expertise to support the University community. We’re so grateful for the huge amount of effort our volunteers put into giving back to the University and to reflect this, we’re developing even more ways to say thank you and recognise their impact.

Alumni Association Medal

Do you know a Bristol alum who has gone above and beyond to help build and strengthen the University’s alumni community? If so, you can now nominate them to be awarded with an Alumni Association Medal.

The Alumni Association is the official body of the University’s 160,000 alumni community – anyone who has studied at the University automatically becomes a member. The Alumni Association Committee, which represents the Association, is now looking to award special medals to alumni who have ‘conferred outstanding benefit upon the Alumni Association by their service’.

This award specifically recognises volunteers who have worked hard to build a strong alumni community and bring its members together. This could be through coordinating events, running alumni networks or by actively participating in the Association.

You can nominate yourself or a fellow member of the Alumni Association by completing the Alumni Association Medal nomination form. You will need to write a 150-word statement explaining the work of the nominee and you’ll need another member of the Alumni Association to act as a reference. This can be a friend or contact from within the University of Bristol alumni community.

Online recognition list: 2019-20

For the first time, we will be publishing an online list of all of our Bristol Volunteers. This will include the name and graduation year of each volunteer. All volunteers will be included on this list – from our mentors, speakers, and volunteer fundraisers, to our Committee and Court members, Career and Study Experts, and Bristol Voices volunteers.

The list will be available as part of our annual Impact Report, which recognises the wide impact of alumni contributions to the University.

If you would rather your name was not included in this list, please contact us by emailing by Thursday 8 October 2020.

Want to become a volunteer? You can find our current opportunities here and sign up for our Bristol Volunteers Digest for volunteering updates.

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