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Bristol Volunteers coordinate and manage lots of events for Bristol alumni all around the world. They bring alumni together to reconnect with each other and share their memories and passions. We want to work with you to help with your event in the best way that we can. So, if you currently organise events for alumni or are thinking about doing so, here’s how we can help.

At the moment, all our alumni events and gatherings are being held online. We look forward to seeing one another in person when it is safe to do so – and in the meantime, we can help you organise a digital get-together.

Getting started

We help alumni who want to reconnect with their peers, whether that be fellow alumni from your geographic location, Hall of Residence, profession, or University club. The first step is to email  if you have an idea you would like to discuss.

We can also pass a message on to peers on your behalf, including your contact details (if we hold up-to-date details for them). We have rekindled many friendships and would be happy to help you. Please do get in touch at

Need inspiration? Take a look at the Spring Showcase, a series of events organised entirely by volunteers or the Eastern Canada virtual reunion.

Digital reunions

You might be considering organising a digital reunion to mark the anniversary of your graduation, an important milestone for your student society, or just because it’s been a while. Whatever the reason, we can also help you to coordinate a digital event by offering advice, creating a Zoom meeting, and circulating invitations on your behalf. If you have some time to help connect a group of friends as a volunteer, contact  for more information.

Promoting your event

We can help promote your event, and can work with you to:

  • send an invitation and reminder email
  • add your event to our online events listings
  • create a Zoom registration page for an online reunion
  • share on social media
  • include your event in our monthly e-newsletter, where possible

To speak to a member of the Bristol Volunteers team about getting started, email

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