Celebrating the success of Bristol Mentors

An enormous thank you to alumni and students who have participated in the Bristol Mentors programme this year. We were delighted to have many of you get together for our Bristol Mentors Thank You event last month, to celebrate the contributions of our alumni volunteers and the students who have been paired in the last academic year.

Bristol Mentors is an alumni volunteering programme where students from underrepresented groups are matched with a Bristol graduate who acts as their mentor. Mentors work with mentees to help them with their career development and provide support which can enhance their university experience.

A final year Anthropology student described her experience with Bristol Mentors:

”Meeting my mentor allowed me to feel less daunted about post-uni life and she encouraged me to develop my skills and be confident in the things I’m interested in. I’d be feeling really lost and nervous without her advice as I now graduate and move on to my next steps. She helped me secure an internship, she helped sort out my CV, and generally helped my career-based skills.”

A final year Psychology student was also really pleased with her experience on the programme:

The best part was having someone to ask questions to about things like applications and CV’s. I am proud of my new CV and how it got me into my master’s programme and research assistant job.”

A final year postgraduate student studying Physics and Innovation was a given a summer internship with Innovia Technology, something she believes she would not have achieved without her mentors support.

Thank you again to such an inspiring group of people who attended the event, and to all our mentors this year. The mentors have provided students with real insight to varied career paths and given invaluable guidance, leaving students in a good position for when their time at Bristol comes to an end.

If you’re interested in volunteering your time and expertise as a Bristol Mentor, we would love to hear from you. You can find out more information here, or contact Sophie Davison, Engagement Officer.

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