Reflections from our #TeamUoB 2022 London Marathon Runners

A massive congratulations to our eight #TeamUoB runners who ran the London Marathon in October, raising an incredible £23,254 in support of the Healthy Minds programme!

Healthy Minds helps students who are experiencing mental health difficulties by providing them with a bespoke physical activity plan and access to sports facilities. Students are paired up with a mentor – a member of the University fitness team with advanced mental health training – who coaches them throughout their time on the programme.

Thanks to the money raised by our 2022 London Marathon runners, even more students will be able feel the benefits of physical activity on their mental wellbeing. The 2023 London Marathon will take place in April and applications to run for Bristol will open in November.

Here’s how our runners found the race day…

Ken Khaw (LLB 1992)

“A big thank you to all who supported this run which was deferred from 2020 due to Covid-19. This is my first and last marathon, completed in recognition of your support.

This was meant to be one of my pre-50-year-old milestones and the 2019 prep taught me I was ill prepared, despite following the training guide, as I had knee pains during training. Being an infrequent runner, it was tough to get back to training again this time but through the Lord’s blessings and a disciplined 16-week program I was in better shape than 2020 and managed to complete the marathon..
It was  amazing to see so many people of all ages running for different causes. I thought I was old until I collected by bib and there were 70-year-olds there. The crowds on the day were fantastic  and I have never experienced anything like it – random strangers urging you on, calling your name, and loads of gummies being handed out by spectators.”

India Petra Miller (BA 2017)

“Wow London! What a fantastic race! The energy and atmosphere on the start line was incredible. After so much training and preparation knowing this is it, was so exciting (and kind of unbelievable)!

I’m grateful for so much support from family and friends, especially those cheering me on  the day, as well as all those who helped me exceed my fundraising target! It meant so much!

I had a great run, feeling strong for most of it. It was a tough last 10km, but I achieved a new personal best and finished in 4 hours. Thank you so much for all the support!”

Joe Davis (BSC 2021)

“The Marathon was by far the hardest thing I have ever done, and I left one of my knees at the 10th kilometre. I’m incredibly proud of myself for finishing the race and raising money for Healthy Minds. I hope it is able to help as many people as possible. Thank you to everyone who donated and to everyone who helped organise, it was an amazing day!”





Wendy-Jane Gray (BSc 1986)

“On the race day I was particularly struck by how happy everyone seemed to be. The runners and supporters were joined by a common purpose. Some may not have completed the race as we all have our particular journeys. But that seemed to be the spirit of the whole event: it is alright to be you, whoever you are and we all celebrated that. A huge thank you to everyone involved. So proud of them. So proud of London. Towards the final two miles people were shouting out “Bristol University”, and I felt such a connection and pride.”

Thank you so much to our 2022 London Marathon runners for supporting Healthy Minds!
You can also get involved with Bristol in our Bristol run series.

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