Bristol alumni recognised in 2023 Honours lists

Each year, the King’s Birthday Honours recognise a group of exceptional individuals, each of whom have made a positive and lasting contribution to society. This year, they were announced just after another set of awards, those of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Resignation Honours. These 19 outstanding Bristol alumni have been acknowledged for their services to health, environmental science, politics, education and more.

We admire their commitment to service and are exceedingly proud to showcase their achievements.

The King’s Birthday Honours


Professor Iain Gilmour Gray (Hon DEng 2006), Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University. Awarded for services to the aerospace industry.

Professor Steven George West (Hon LLD 2014), President of Universities UK and Vice-Chancellor of University of the West of England. Awarded for services to health and education.

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

Jane Elizabeth Hutt (MSc 1996), Minister for Social Justice in the Welsh Government and Senedd Member for Vale of Glamorgan. Awarded for political and public service.

Professor Eleanor Mary Riley (BSc 1978, BSc 1980), Professor of Immunology and Infectious Disease at the University of Edinburgh. Awarded for services to immunology.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Dr David Ferrand (MA Philosophy 1994), former Chief Executive Officer of Financial Sector Deepening Kenya. Awarded for services to international development.

Professor Stuart Ian Rogers (BSc 1982, PhD 1985), lately marine scientist at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science. Awarded for services to marine fisheries and environmental science.

Duncan Clinton Sharkey (BSc 1992), lately Chief Executive at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Awarded for services to the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Dr Keith Farrell (MBChB 1980), Vice-Chairman of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. Awarded for services to the protection and preservation of Gibraltar’s heritage.

James Watler (MEd 1996), retired civil servant in the Cayman Islands. Awarded for services to public service and education in the Cayman Islands.

Professor Bencie Woll (PhD Education 1992), Professor of Sign Language at the University College London. Awarded for services to higher education and deaf people.

Dr Martin Richard Finch Reynolds (MBChB 1966, Diploma Public Health), Volunteers Coordinator at Mission Assist Charity. Awarded for services to indigenous languages.

Anita Parmar Head (Certificate of Education 1993), Head of Lessons from Auschwitz Project at Holocaust Educational Trust. Awarded for services to Holocaust education and remembrance.

Dr Rosalind Penelope Kennedy (MA 2013). Awarded for services to charity and to the community in Bristol.

Lindsey Victoria Hall (BSc 1983), Chief Executive Officer at Real Ideas Organisation. Awarded for services to social enterprise and to the community in Cornwall and Plymouth.

British Empire Medal (BEM)

Julia Frances Jones (BA 1976), Co-Founder of John’s Campaign. Awarded for services to people with dementia.

Susan Giles (BA 1976), Senior Curator of World Cultures Collection at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Awarded for services to UK heritage and museums.

Resignation Honours


Benjamin William Elliot (BSc 1997), former Co-Chair of the Conservative Party. Awarded for political and public service.

William John Lewis (BSc, Hon LLD 2010), Political Adviser to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP. Awarded for political and public service.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Richard John Mark (BA 2003), Senior Parliamentary Assistant to the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP. Awarded for political and public service.

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