Seedcorn Fund: Innovative climate research

The Cabot Institute Seedcorn Fund provides vital funds to support bold and ambitious interdisciplinary climate research projects. Supported by alumni and friends, the Seedcorn Fund demonstrates the remarkable impact philanthropic support has on cutting-edge research and shows how our Bristol community is helping to change the world one step at a time.

These three amazing climate research projects were made possible through Seedcorn funding.

Heat stress and its impact on women’s health
As average temperatures are projected to increase, Dr Eunice Lo explores the impact of heat stress on women’s health. Heat stress can uniquely affect women because they have a compromised ability to thermoregulate during pregnancy and around menopause. Despite the fact that more than half of the population go through at least one of these life stages, however, little research has been done until now.

As Dr Eunice Lo explains: ‘If we better understand how extreme weather events like heatwaves effect the health of women then we can talk to health service leaders, government and hospitals who can then have new policies put in place when it’s very hot outside.’

Developing autonomous drones for conservation
Seedcorn funding has allowed Professor Tom Richardson and a project team to partner with Bristol Zoological Society and develop ways of more effectively finding and counting Kordofan giraffe and other threatened wildlife in Bénoué National Park in Cameroon.

Waves of Change
Waves of Change brings together anthropology, climate science and animation to engage young people aged between 15 and 18 with climate change research and empower them to take positive climate action. With young people at the forefront of environmental challenges, their voices should be central to conservation efforts aimed at tackling climate change.

Taking place in Cornwall, this project explored young people’s perspectives on the future in a time of climate emergency and sought to think creatively with them about strategies to protect their coastal environments.

For more information on the Cabot Institute Seedcorn Fund click here. Thank you to our alumni and friends who support this vital climate research.  

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