Beijing alumni network – legal profession salon, 20 October 2018

Beijing Alumni Association sharing salon

This October the University of Bristol Beijing alumni network held their first alumni sharing salon at the Wanyi Art Museum.

The session focused on the legal industry, with 17 alumni gathering to hear from three outstanding alumni.

  • Liu Shaohua (LLM 2016) introduced the construction and considerations of private equity funds.
  • Liu Jinna (LLM 2014) shared her experience working in law and as an entrepreneur.
  • Yuan Meng (MA 2013) talked about commercial arbitration and shared some practical experience of the process.

There was a lively discussion, with alumni sharing their experiences of the workplace and giving advice to new graduates starting their careers.

Thanks to Zhou Wei who suggested the event, and association members Si Yan and He Liu who kindly coordinated.

For those who couldn’t attend this time there are still many topics to be discussed at future sharing salon sessions. The association also intend to hold a series of industry lectures. For more information connect with the Beijing alumni network on WeChat using the ID: bristolalumnibeijing.

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