‘The University of Bristol is where I discovered my passion for the space industry’

On Tuesday 2 December, Adina Godeanu (MEng 2019) shared her career story with Engineering students. She shared her experience from studying at Bristol as an Aerospace student, to moving to Sweden to work at Saab.

Adina began her journey in 2015 when she moved from Romania to study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol. Adina commented that she had a “truly amazing experience” at Bristol and felt supported by academic staff, career staff and friends. She highlighted that the “University of Bristol is where I discovered my passion for the space industry”.

After graduating in 2019, Adina moved to Sweden to begin her graduate role on the Saab graduate leadership programme. Adina is now a full-time Aerospace Engineer at Saab and is part of the development of the Saab space strategy. Adina said she enjoys working at Saab, but she did have to adjust to the company culture, such as daily ‘Swedish Fika!’ Adina explained that this is a time for colleagues to socialise over coffee and a sweet treat!

Adina shared her top tips to students applying for jobs “You should apply to as many jobs as possible, try to give yourself plenty of time to fill in an application, don’t leave it to the last minute”. Adina stressed to “always cater your CV and personal statement to the job description”. She highlighted that is crucial to “show your passion” to recruiters.

Adina reassured students that “you don’t need to know everything” when starting a job, she commented that it’s okay to just “understand the ideas and concepts”.

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If you are experienced in speaking publicly and are willing to share your industry insights or ways of working, then we would love to welcome you as a panellist or event host. Please contact the Industrial Liaison Office, Faculty of Engineering.

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