Nominations open for 2021 Alumni Association Community Award

Nominations for the Alumni Association Community Award are now open. The Alumni Association Community Award (previously known as the Alumni Association Medal) is given out to recognise volunteers who have worked hard to build and strengthen the University’s alumni community. This could be through organising alumni networks, coordinating events or actively participating in the Association.

The Alumni Association is the official body of the University’s alumni community – anyone that has studied at the University automatically becomes a member. The Alumni Association Committee represents the Association and it is now looking to recognise individuals who have championed the Alumni Association through their service.

Previously, winners of this award received a medal to recognise their brilliant efforts. However, this year the committee will be giving the winner a sustainable and alternative award. The award will be a sponsored tree – make available through the Treebristol scheme – which will include a plaque to acknowledge the winner. All the sponsorship funds will be covered by the Committee and the winner can choose which plot of land and tree they would like.

Nominations will be open from Friday 12 November 2021 until Friday 26 November 2021. You can nominate yourself, or a fellow member of the Alumni Association by completing the Alumni Association Community Award Nomination Form.

You will need to write a 150-word statement explaining the work done by the nominee, and you’ll need another member of the Alumni Association to act as a reference. This reference can be a friend or contact from within the University of Bristol alumni community.

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