2022 Alumni Award winners for Business and Industry: Eldar (BSc 1996) and Roy (BSc 1992) Tuvey

Brothers Eldar and Roy Tuvey are at the forefront of cyber security and pioneers in the world of enterprise solutions. After both graduating with Economics degrees in the 1990s, they co-founded internet security company ScanSafe, the first cybersecurity company to deliver web security software online. They have since established Wandera, a global leader in mobile security and data management and more recently Vertice, designed to help finance teams manage their software spends.

Eldar Tuvey, one half of the sibling duo to win the 2022 Alumni Award for Business and Industry, shares some of his secrets to success.

You studied Economics at the University of Bristol. What was it like being a student at Bristol?
I had an amazing time at University. I made great friends, formed my first valuable network, and had my first work experience which gave me the necessary grounding to get my first job. My studies at Bristol also gave me an excellent understanding of Economics.

Can you tell me a bit about your journey from studying Economics to becoming a pioneer in cyber security – how did you make that transition? What have been the key milestones?
I got a job with Goldman Sachs right after graduating, which helped set me up and gave me training in finance, business, presentation and communication. I then decided to start a business with my brother, Roy, and we needed a technical co-founder. Someone I met through Wills Halls at Bristol introduced me to the person who would become my technical co-founder (and by extension, my first employee), so you could say it was the Bristol network that really helped get me off the ground in the tech world.

Since joining forces with your brother Roy in the 1990s, you’ve worked together ever since. Why did you choose to work together? What is it like to work with family?
We both wanted the same thing at the same time – to be our own bosses and to forge our own paths. Working in business can be tough but trust is vital, especially between you and your co-founder, so starting a business with someone you can fully trust is super helpful. We have a complimentary skillset, we are a sounding board for another, and we can share the workload too.

What is your favourite part of your job?
My favourite part of my job is seeing young people we have hired grow in their roles and end up leading departments and becoming seasoned tech executives in their own right.

Do you have a key piece of life or career advice you have been given, or that you give to others?
I have two! One – never ever give up. Two – you don’t learn much when you are talking, so try to listen more!

Each year, the University of Bristol recognises alumni who have made remarkable contributions to society through the Alumni Awards. You can see the full list of our 2022 winners on our website

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