Legacy Pledger Kathryn Moore on the circular nature of giving


Kathryn Moore (BA 2005) has fond memories of sitting in the quad at Wills Hall in the summer sunshine, with her fellow students of English at the end of term. While everyone else was busy with exams, Kathryn and her classmates could enjoy some freedom as the university year ended because at that time, English students were continually assessed throughout the year, rather than having an intense period of exams at the end. Like many of our alumni, Kathryn is still in close contact with the friends she met while studying, and is a regular visitor back to the city.

‘Studying at Bristol was such a happy time in my life. I picked a subject I really enjoyed and met like-minded people wherever I went – on my course, in halls and in the various societies.’

Kathryn came from a state comprehensive school and her parents had instilled in her a passion for education and an acknowledgement of its importance. Her own father was from a working-class background but had been able to access support which led to completing his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at Oxford. She was inspired by his journey and determined to get a quality education of her own.

‘I wanted to study at Bristol for several reasons. It was really well regarded and I knew I would get an excellent education there. It was also a buzzing city location, which very much appealed. What I didn’t know was how competitive it was to get a place! I discovered once I had started to study English that for every place available, 23 people had applied for it, a competition even fiercer than Oxbridge. I felt very lucky to have been chosen to attend.’

Kathryn is currently a Philanthropy Manager for Frimley Heath NHS Trust, but her career in professional fundraising started while studying at Bristol. Needing to work to help finance her studies, Kathryn began working in what was then the Alumni Office, and eventually become a student telephone fundraiser, contacting alumni for their support. Her stint in the Alumni Office gave her a good grounding in asking for funds and knowing how to negotiate. Kathryn has worked at many institutions since, including SOAS and Royal Holloway, before arriving at Frimley.

‘I absolutely love my job. For me, fundraising is all about facilitating other people’s kindness. In my current role I fundraise for surgical fellowships, and it’s so exciting when our donors can actually watch the surgeons at work.’

Kathryn and her husband drew up their Wills when they bought their first home. For her, including a legacy gift to Bristol absolutely felt like the right choice.

‘Naming Bristol in my Will is my way of saying thank you for what Bristol gave me. It’s about coming full circle and giving back, because I was able to take. I’ve pledged that my gift be unrestricted and go to the area of greatest need at the time, but student bursaries are something that really resonate with me. Having worked in university fundraising myself, I know just how much it means to someone’s educational journey to have the funding to complete their Master’s or their PhD.’

For those who might also be considering a legacy gift to Bristol, Kathryn says:
‘A legacy gift doesn’t have to cost you anything today. Like many people nowadays I’ve had to make some cost-of-living cutbacks, but I know with a gift in my Will I can do something in a more substantial way after I’ve gone. I am determined that students in the future will have my support; my legacy gift pledge is a note to say thank you and a way of continuing to engage with Bristol, of which I have so many great memories.’

If, like Kathryn, you would like to support Bristol by leaving a gift in your Will, you can contact the Planned Giving Team. Legacy gifts over the years have enabled a variety of wonderful things including scholarships, PhDs, and research. You can ensure that Bristol’s excellence lives on by making a gift in your Will today.

Details on how to leave a gift in your Will are available online

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