Open doors with the US Study Abroad Scholarship

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The University of Bristol has launched a new US Study Abroad Scholarship, allowing first-generation, underserved students from diverse backgrounds in the US to access a Bristol study abroad experience.  

Study abroad opens doors and minds. It offers intercultural learning, global friendships, professional networks, career opportunities, and so much more, all preparing our students for professional lives in a diverse and globalised economy.   

However, higher education costs are already immense, and the additional expense of a semester abroad often isn’t feasible for students from less financially secure backgrounds. Visa restrictions add further complications, frequently meaning study abroad students can’t work while in the UK. This limitation cuts off vital income for those who would normally have a job alongside their studies at home. International flights, visa fees and living expenses can quickly spiral, pushing this incredible life-changing opportunity out of reach.  

Our US Study Abroad Scholarship programme allows our scholars to access a life-changing study abroad experience, providing the changemakers of tomorrow with unparalleled opportunities to expand their horizons, build confidence and ensure genuine representation in global experiences that have often been out of reach for many.   

The $5,000 scholarship will cover travel, cost-of-living and housing expenses for students who receive financial aid at their home institutions, ensuring students can come to Bristol and fully immerse themselves in a new place and culture without financial worry. Our first scholarship recipient has just arrived on campus with 5 more set to arrive for the spring semester, and our ambition is to support at least 20 students a year once the programme is fully established. 

The new US Study Abroad Scholarship will be funded by donations from the University’s alumni and friends through the University of Bristol Foundation 

We’re growing our support on the ground with the launch of our new North America Office. This team works from the US, visiting institutions and prospective students around the country and helping to put Bristol on the map. They are continuing to grow the University’s partnerships with institutions which, until now, have not sent many students to Bristol. 

By supporting Bristol’s US Study Abroad Scholarship, you can ensure all students can have the opportunity to study abroad at Bristol, regardless of their financial backgrounds. You can help us open the world to students who never dreamed they would have the opportunity to explore it.   

To find out how you can support these scholarships please contact Georgina Lyons, Philanthropy Manager at or to make a donation head to our website.   

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